PixelX Game Engine
Smaple Screen shot

PixelX is a game engine written using OpenGL and C++. It's a 3D engine, which, at least in theory, should form the base for a wide variety of games. PixelX is developed in the sole intention of me learning new things, not to beat Id out of the business( though I wont mind if that happened ;) ).

As game engines go, PixelX is currently very conventional. It follows on the hallowed traditions of popular 3D game engines. The first question people ask is what kind of game-engine? The fun part is , the way it is designed, it will be flexible enough to write any kind of game, be it FPS, TPS or racing. The idea is to have a hierarchical dynamic architecture which allows extensibility at various levels. Right now though, only the FPS part is implemented.

  • Basic First Person cameras
  • Large library of polygonal objects
  • Basic Compiler to compile map files into triangle/mesh files
  • Image formats supported - jpg,bmp,tga,png
  • Simple and ARB Multi - textures
  • No dynamic lighting - simple lightmaps
  • Loading of Quake 3 BSP map - with lightmap rendering and biquadratic patches
  • Animated MD2 and MD3 models
  • Loading of Wave front OBJ, AutoDesk 3DS, ASE, MS3D models
  • Collision detection with AABB ( Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes )
  • Primitive particle engine
  • Primitive gravity implementation for jumping
  • Support for both Bitmapped as well as System fonts
  • Simple (stationary) skybox
  • Lens flare - not complete
  • Linear Projectile motion - simple bullet behavior with collision detection
  • Sound support - plays mono and stereo channels wav/midi/ogg/mp3 files
  • Full Fledged GUI ( Thanks to GLGooey)
  • BSP based collision detection
  • In game console
  • Simple game eliments like Health,Ammo,Bots, gameplay implemented
System Requirements
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000 or Higher
  • OpenGL 1.1+ compliant card - extensions ARS_Multitexture and EXT_texture_env_combine required

PixelX Game Engine © 2005
Priyananda Shenoy [ priyananda AT gmail DOT com ]
Distributed under the GNU General Public License.