At this moment there is only one developer ... and thats Me ;).
My name is Priyananda Shenoy, and I live in India.
You can reach me at priyananda [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Libraries Used
These are the libraries I have used in PixelX
I'd like to Thank ...

PixelX was not written from scratch, but developed on top of other people's work. I'd like to mention some of them:

  • Camera code, MD2 loading, MD3 loading
    Ben Humphrey (DigiBen)
  • SkyBox & Lens Flare
    Alan Baylis
  • Quake 3 BSP Loading
  • 3DS loading code
    l3ds library( Lev Povalahev )

( Sorry If I have left someone out! If you see some code and identify the original author, I'd be happy to include them in this list ).